World cruises take many forms. Whether you’re sailing from Southampton or flying to your starting point, there is no one standard route that cruise companies follow. This means you could be setting sail for San Francisco or zipping across the oceans to the Caribbean, but whichever round-the-world cruise you choose, you’re guaranteed to return with a completely new outlook on the world having experienced cultures that you never knew existed.

From European sun destinations such as Madeira in Portugal to Eastern locations including Hong Kong and Manila, your world cruise couldn’t be more varied. A miscellany of destinations can bring everything from tropical heat to Alaskan ice and snow, so plan ahead and pack for every eventuality!

Depending on your cruise, you can find yourself surfing in Australia one day and hiking through Cambodia the next, having already marvelled at the wealth of Abu Dhabi and the awe-inspiring ancient pyramids of Egypt. For a true feel of what the planet has to offer, choose a world cruise.

World cruises a holiday with real variety!World cruises vary extensively in both style and duration, from modest, smaller ships to luxurious liners and from as little as a couple of weeks to over a hundred days at sea. During this time you’ll not only find yourself dropping anchor in a wide selection of ports around the various continents, but you’ll also have plenty of time to appreciate the ship itself during the more relaxed sailing days.

Depending on the ship you can treat yourself to a relaxing day in the spa for hours of sensual massage and other therapies, enjoy family activities and games like badminton and shuffleboard on deck or enjoy a typical holiday day splashing around in the pool, topping up the tan and generally recharging the batteries.

Cruises are well known for the food and every cruise company goes to great lengths to bring you top quality cuisine. You can sample the local delicacies during the shore excursions but the cooking in the kitchens of cruise ships is rarely beaten, with top chefs lending their names to restaurants on a variety of ships.

Catered for wherever in the world you are…The on-board entertainment rarely disappoints, while most ships offer plenty of places for the adults to find a drink and for kids of all ages to hang out and enjoy themselves with passengers their own age. All this means that wherever in the world you find yourself, everyone is catered for whether you’re revelling in the facilities on the ship or exploring the territory off it.

Obviously with a round-the-world cruise the weather can be unpredictable as well as varied, so make sure the ship you choose offers the right blend of facilities for you and your family to keep busy if the heavens open. At the same time make sure you know the route as what can start out as a hot day can become a scorcher as you head towards the equator! Fortunately, world cruise companies have the experience to know not only which destinations are better at which time of year, but also what excursions work best during which season in each destination. Leave everything in the hands of the helpful crew and your world cruise will not disappoint.

Activities & Excursions

After a day or two on the ship you’ll be itching to stretch your legs, so by the time the engines stop you’ll be ready to head for shore and explore the latest destination. There are, of course, the usual suspects, the Caribbean, Egypt, Australia and the like – but you’ll be amazed at some of the less obvious stops, including excursions into Africa where you can experience a day’s safari, or Kuala Lumpur where you can grab the chance to ride on the back of a majestic elephant.

When you do arrive at the stereotypical cruise ports, the fact that you’re taking the usual route does not detract from the appeal – these places are popular for a reason. From the tradition of North Africa’s market towns to the unadulterated beauty of Jamaica’s beaches, these ports promise to be everything you imagine and more.

Of course, the beauty of a world cruise is that, unlike a regular holiday, there’s no need to choose one or the other – a wealth of wildly different adventures is available for you to enjoy one after the other. Tick off all your life’s ambitions in one holiday as you swim with dolphins and sharks, see the seven wonders of the world, learn to surf, climb mountains and sail down rivers – it’s all here waiting for you.

As well as the destinations themselves, another attractive proposition is the organised excursions offered by most world cruise companies. Rather than wandering aimlessly around the most beautiful and exciting places in the world, most cruise providers offer guided tours and prearranged trips to ensure that you get the most out of every moment, whether it’s a sightseeing trek around the local hotspots or an exclusive beach party, you won’t waste a minute.


During a world cruise it’s easy to find your head spinning as you’re constantly immersed in such varying cultures, from commercial western locations and the party lifestyle of Australia’s beach towns to spiritual eastern destinations and traditional African cultures.
Local knowledge is important and most cruise companies employ staff who are able to advise on any aspect of local culture and answer any questions you may have before stepping off the ship. One thing is for sure, after a round-the-world cruise you’ll certainly have enough experience to get you by at any dinner party when you return!


With a world cruise the buzz word is diversity, and this includes the weather! Depending on the particular world cruise you choose you could be skiing one day and then find yourself sunning it up on a sweltering beach just days later. From the unpredictable tropical weather to the extreme climates of Alaska and Africa, packing light just isn’t an option.

Fortunately there are always plenty of opportunities to browse the local shops once you arrive in a port, as tourism is a big part of the economy of any port town – and if you’re worried about some of the wilder nights at sea don’t fret, most cruise ships are so vast that you’ll hardly notice feel even the biggest waves.

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