The Atlantic Ocean is a vastly beautiful area of natural wonder, and every transatlantic cruise is guaranteed to inspire awe and admiration.  What’s more, as you visit different countries and continents, you experience a variety of cultures and cuisines, which excite the mind, and the taste-buds.  Couple this with one of the spectacular cruise ships on offer - where you can relax, take part in fantastic activities, and enjoy impressive entertainment - and you’ve got a winning formula.

The transatlantic cruise is one of the most well-travelled routes, carrying passengers between America and the UK since long before the wide-spread use of aeroplanes.  While the cruise liners themselves have greatly improved in terms of variety, luxury and dining, the seascapes and clear sky views are still as wonderfully romantic and breathtaking as they ever where. 

Imagine the awe-inspiring beauty of the vast sea as the sun sets on a clear night, while you sip champagne with your loved one in pure bliss.

With a transatlantic cruise, itineraries vary, and while some don’t stop at any ports between Southampton and America (or vice versa), others visit many destinations along the way.  Therefore you can find a transatlantic cruise that is as short as 6 days, or as long as you wish.  Cruise ships sailing westbound can start from the UK, France, Spain or another European country.

Those going east usually set sail from the bright lights of New York, Miami or even the Caribbean - so you will fly to your place of embarkation.  If you dislike flying, choose a return journey – plus that way you can shop ‘til you drop, without worrying about luggage allowance!  Build in a couple of extra days where your transatlantic cruise begins or ends its journey, and you can really savour the delights of your holiday.

One of the most wonderful aspects of a transatlantic cruise is the distance covered, which means that you will spend more consecutive days at sea than on other journeys – so you really do have time to relax and unwind in your ship’s revitalising spa, or soaking up the sun by the pool.

You will never tire of the dramatic scenery, or the soothing sound of the waves crashing against the side of your ship.  And once America comes into view, you won’t be able to take your eyes of the incredible Manhattan skyline as you approach the Statue of Liberty.  Or perhaps you will be impressed by the stunning sights of the Miami beaches.

Activities & excursions

There are a plethora of activities and excursions for you to experience on your days on land.  Whichever cruise line you opt for – be it Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Celebrity, Cunard, Princess, or one of the others – they will offer you a selection of planned excursions and tours of the ports, so that you can see the best of the area, with no need to worry that the ship will leave without you!

If you’re feeling more adventurous, be your own tour guide and explore the ports on your own terms. You’re sure to find many delicious dishes, interesting museums, impressive art galleries, cosmopolitan cities and quiet ports. 

You can explore the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple with a transatlantic cruise from Southampton to New York.  Here, go celebrity spotting or shopping for fantastic gifts.  Plus, there are a whole host of tourist attractions including the Statue of Liberty and Central Park.

Miami’s South Beach is famous for its stunning scenery, bright blue sea and fine sand – perfect for building sandcastles.  Perhaps you will visit the canals of Venice, Las Ramblas in Barcelona, drink local rum in Barbados, or visit the coliseum in Athens.

On your sea-days, there are even more activities to partake in.  Maybe you’ll go to the spa for a massage, sip cocktails by the pool, take a stroll along the promenade, or even go for a jog around an outdoor running track.  The possibilities are endless.


Dependant on itinerary, you will encounter a whole host of cultures on land.  Say Bonjour to France and try some of their famous champagne and frogs legs (if you dare).  It’s Ciao in Italy as you explore the sights of Venice or Rome while dining on delicious pizza and pasta.

Shout Hola in Spain as you relax in the sun with some tapas and Sangria. In America, you already know the lingo, so just look forward to the warm hospitality and embrace the American dream.

Even if your transatlantic cruise only visits the UK and America, you will experience different cultures in the culinary expertise of your chefs on-board. 


Your cruise across the Atlantic will shift in weather the closer, or further away, you get from the great British Isles.  The seasons are much the same in the USA and UK in terms of their time of year.  So, in general, our summer is their summer, our winter is theirs, and so on.  Of course, America’s summer is much hotter than the UK’s – perfect for lying on a beach or the ship’s sun deck. 

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