South America

Cruise South America for a wonderfully diverse experience rich in culture, style and adventure.  With many different countries to explore, each one more magnificent than the last, this will be a voyage of discovery offering you the time of your life.  Visit famous landmarks: the Panama Canal, Machu Picchu, the Amazon Rainforest, the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janerio, and many, more.

Your cruise ship is the ideal way to get to these destinations in comfort and style.  It takes away the stress of deciding where to go next, and, importantly, how to get there.  So you can relax in the spa knowing that tomorrow you arrive in another magnificent port, feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep.  What’s more, you can book your excursions through the cruise line, and be safe in the knowledge that you’re going to be shown the best of the sights by an experienced tour guide.

Experience diverse cultures and adventures

Discover the incredible colours of nature as you take a tour of the Rainforest in Brazil.  Peru is abounding in history, and features one of the wonders of the world – Machu Picchu.  Picturesque beaches and ports are perfect for relaxing with a cocktail and some delicious local food.  And when you’re done relaxing, the colourful carnival in Rio de Janeiro will be the wildest night of your life.

Dine on delicious South American cuisines which are influenced by African, Asian and European cooking, creating dishes to tantalise your taste-buds.  Mexican fajitas are washed down with Tequila.  Try Argentina’s sumptuous steaks with a glass of Chilean wine.  Peruvian soups and desserts are unique dishes, and you’ll be asking for the recipe to take home with you.

Your cruise to South America will be an exciting adventure.  Put yourself in the hands of the experts who will guide you on a magical cruise around this majestic continent.  There are many cruise lines to choose from, and a variety if itineraries. 

So you can decide if you want to visit the ports less well known.  Perhaps you’re interested in the sights of the big cities?  Or if nature is your passion, find a route which goes via the rainforest.

Cruises to South America are popular, so there is a lot on offer in terms of cruise lines and routes.  You can cruise from 6 to 66 days. Whichever cruise line you opt for – luxury, family friendly, romantic or active – they will all have two things in common. 

They will visit a series of exciting countries and ports and provide you with spectacular views of the unbelievable landscape.  In fact, the breathtaking views alone are worth the journey.

Activities & excursions

If you are a lover of nature, history, art, music, carnivals and beaches, then a South America cruise will excite and inspire you.  Fantastic activities and excursions make your South America cruise holiday even more spectacular, creating memories to last a lifetime. 

In Brazil, learn about the history of rubber plantations while drinking the finest cup of coffee made with locally grown beans. 

At night, take in the joyous atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro’s carnival and learn how to enjoy life to the max. You’ll be amazed by the dancers’ costumes, and won’t be able to stop your feet tapping to the samba. Trek alongside the Amazon River, or just relax on a sandy white beach.  More magnificent views than those found from the cable car up to Sugar Loaf Mountain are hard to find. 

Argentina’s Buenos Aires is nicknamed “The Paris of South America”.  Steeped in culture and style, the beautiful city offers lots to explore. Try to learn the tango, a dance which originated here, or visit the world famous Colon opera house.  Don’t forget to dine at a delicious steak house, as Argentinean steak is the most succulent you will ever taste.  Whatever you do, you will delight in the vibrant atmosphere of this incredible city.

If Chile is a destination on your South American cruise, be sure to visit a vineyard.  Its French because colonial history coupled with fertile land has lead to the production of fantastic wines. Don’t forget to make time to visit one of the breathtakingly spectacular Chilean fjords.

All this and more, this is just a slice of what your South America cruise has to offer.


Visit South America and submerge yourself in the different cultures.  From the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires to the fascinating traditional Inca villages in Peru, there’s lots to discover.  South American culture is influenced by its historic connection to Europe, in particular Spain and Portugal, whose languages are the most commonly used on the continent.

Culture is also largely influenced by a passionate love of music.  You will see many people dancing in the streets and bars to the samba beats of Brazil or the Tango tunes of Argentina.


Prepare to bask in the beautiful sun as your South American cruise will be a hot one.  Humidity can be high in January and February, and the rainy season is at the start and end of the year. 

June, July and August tend to be the best conditions, although as the continent is so vast, conditions vary between the countries on your itinerary – but you will probably never need your big woolly jumper that is a wardrobe staple here in the UK.

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