With diverse countries and cultures to explore, there’s never a dull moment on a Mediterranean cruise.  Ever popular with the British, the Med is close enough to avoid long flights, but far away enough escape the tedium of everyday life.

Begin your Mediterranean cruise in the fabulous port of Palma, Barcelona or Venice - kicking you cruise off to a great start with a brilliant destination. 
Or why not avoid the airports and go direct from the UK? Relax, unpack, start off your tan and get to know your ship before shortly arriving in the Mediterranean. Either way, you will travel in style, meet wonderful people and explore some wonderful cities. 

Visit more in 7 days than a package holiday

In just 7 days you can visit more places than in the last 7 years of package holidays. That’s just one of the plus points of a cruise vacation. Go to sleep in Spain and wake up in Italy. Eat tapas one day and pasta the next. Get to grips with different languages and atmospheres of the countries and cultures. See how they have influenced each other over the years by visiting the museums and art galleries. 

Architecture’s are awe-inspiring – from Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, to the grand Trevi fountain in Rome. Explore the less familiar countries further east. Egypt’s pyramids and Istanbul’s mosques are notably different from the European inspired buildings of Greece and Spain.

Eastern Mediterranean cruises often stop at Greece and the Greek Islands, Turkey, Malta, Croatia, Cyprus and Egypt. Explore the mix of tourist destinations and ports lesser known. Experience different cultures and cuisines while discovering exciting histories and ancient ruins.

Western Mediterranean cruises sail the ocean to Spain, France and Italy and North Africa. Enjoy relaxing on pristine beaches of Majorca, Corsica or Crete, then get a taste for the high life in Monte Carlo and St Tropez.

Whether Eastern or Western, your cruise will embark on an exciting journey to some incredible places. So just sit back, relax and arrive in style on your luxury ship. 

Activities & excursions

There are a plethora of itineraries available, with different ports on each one. If Egypt is one of your destinations, take a day-trip to be inspired by the pyramids and sphinx at Giza. Or try scuba diving in one of the nature rich reefs and spot some incredible sea life. 
Soak up the culture on excursions of architectural and historical importance. Italy is rich in these, with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Rome’s Colosseum and Parthenon, and Venice’s canals.  Not to mention all of the wonderful art galleries and museums. Or just grab an outdoor seat of a cafe, sip a frothy coffee and enjoy the buzz of Italy’s fashionable markets and squares.

In Greece, find out about the Ancient Gods and the history of the Olympics. Croatia’s beautiful coastlines lead to some amazing medieval cities. Be pampered at the Turkish Baths of Istanbul. Spot some celebrities in the home of the Grand Prix, Monte Carlo. Haggle for some real bargains in the bustling bazaars of Morocco. 

Go on a walking tour of Croatia’s Dubrovnik, taking in the panoramic views of the Old City. In Israel, join the pilgrims in a tour of Jeruselum and Bethlehem, or relax in the magical waters of the Dead Sea.

Your cruise line will offer many planned excursions that you can join, some of which you can book before you depart. Taking part in these planned excursions is a fantastic way to ensure that you see the highlights of the incredible places that you will be privileged to go to. However, the beauty of a lot of these ports lies in the local cuisines and cultures, so make time to relax in a cafe or on the beach and watch the world go by.


Both Eastern Mediterranean Cruises are rich in culture and history. The laid-back atmosphere of Europe has led to a welcoming culture revolving around delicious foods and drinks. You will find many locals spending hours in cafes and restaurants, meeting friends and enjoying life.

Why not join them?
Although some parts of Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, and other countries you may visit on an Eastern Mediterranean cruise are heavily influenced by the west, others have a very different atmosphere. Traditional markets and bazaars are busy and noisy, haggling is expected so be prepared to argue. But don’t worry, it’s just a friendly game.


Mediterranean cruises are popular in the British summertime, as this is also the height of summer in the med. This is ideal sun-bathing weather, so don’t forget your suncream as you lounge on beautiful sandy beaches.

However, some cruises do run off-peak – and with such wonderful destinations, it’s not always the weather that makes a great holiday. Avoid the busy tourist seasons and you will uncover a whole new Mediterranean  In cities, there’s so much to do that you might not want to be sunbathing anyway.

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