Far East

The Far East is jammed packed full of mystical charm and Oriental tradition, perfect for a romantic getaway however there’s plenty of excitement in this part of the world as well. Every day offers a unique experience as you’re invited visit the bustling and vibrant ports of Singapore and Hong Kong or relax and unwind in the tropical paradises of Thailand and Indonesia.

Each country that you visit will no doubt be steeped in ancient traditions, customs and superstition with some of the picturesque native villages remaining unchanged in centuries. In the larger cities such as Bangkok, Beijing or Kuala Lumpur you’ll simply find it impossible not to get totally immersed in the culture of bustling streets, friendly locals and neon signs that provide an exciting colourful environment at night.

An eclectic mix of cultures and environments along with a healthy mix of people from backpackers to tourists and locals makes cruising the Far East an exciting and magical experience.

Asia & Indian Ocean cruises – stimulating and fascinating

With a cruise holiday to Asia & Indian Ocean you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to stimulating new places to visit. Whether you’re looking for an exciting, fast paced holiday that all the family can enjoy or a romantic and relaxing holiday in a tropical paradise then you can look no further than this fascinating part of the world.

Thailand offers the perfect mix of wild and exciting with the spiritual and serene. There is something for everybody to enjoy here and whether you’re visiting the peaceful Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), swimming with tropical fish or enjoying Bangkok’s crazy nightlife you can’t help but be amazed by Thailand.

Similarly, Malaysia is quite simply full of treasures for holiday makers from the striking golden beaches of Langkawi to the soaring Petronas towers of Kuala Lumpur, there’s beauty, excitement and interest all in abundance here and it’s a country that you’ll never forget.

You’ll no doubt find that aboard a Far East cruise each port offers a different atmosphere along with some truly once in a lifetime activities and excursions. The beautiful ancient wonders of Bali and the epic Great Wall of China provide a perfect contrast for the city ports of Hong Kong or Yokohama in Japan meaning that you can get everything you possibly want from you cruise holiday experience.

One port of call that has an ever-growing reputation with cruisers is the delightful country of Vietnam. Its capital the charming port of Ho Chi Minh, set against a stunning French colonial backdrop is popular for its friendly atmosphere and is bustling with life. For a more relaxing environment, you could take a trip to the stunning Nha Treng complete with pristine white beaches, whispering palms and chiming temples.

By taking a cruise to the Far East you’ll find that it’s the combination of chaos and calm that makes this part of the world so fascinating and together with the diverse cultures and traditions of the countries that you visit makes this a holiday where you can just go with the flow and get caught up in the magic and excitement.

Activities & excursions

Whichever cruise line that you opt for there are a whole host of planned activities and excursions for you to choose from to see some of the Asia's most exciting and beautiful wonders. Even if you’re feeling that little bit more adventurous then you can explore this part of the world on your own terms, after all this is a part of the world that it extremely popular with backpackers because there is just so much to see.

Nature lovers cannot fail to be seduced by some once in a lifetime opportunities to see some exotic wildlife. The Yuen Po Street Bird Garden in Hong Kong is one such example and a must visit for any bird lovers out there. For something a little different, the enchanted snake temple in Penang, Malaysia is crammed full of poisonous snakes and an essential visit for those who can handle it.

Thailand offers a huge range of activities for you to enjoy and whether you’re craving excitement or tranquillity, you’ll certainly be catered for. Bangkok is one of the liveliest cities in the world but even here you’re not too far away from some more serene areas with the Grand Palace and the Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) being must visits.
There are plenty of other ancient wonders for you to enjoy around the Far East from the awe-inspiring temple of Tanah Lot or the supremely calming Ubud Water Temple in Bali, Indonesia to the chiming temples of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

By visiting Beijing you are presented with an opportunity like no other, to walk along one of the world’s finest treasures, the Great Wall of China. Elsewhere, you can explore the Forbidden City through a maze of fabulous courtyards, gardens and pavilions or alternatively you could take a trip to Tiananmen Square and marvel at the wonderful Temple of Heaven.


Book your cruise holiday in the Far East and be thoroughly prepared to be totally immersed in cultures unlike any you’ve seen before. The busy and larger-than-life cities of Singapore, Ho Chi Minh and Hong Kong offer glimpses of Western culture and provide a perfect contrast from the more traditional areas of countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand where your invited to explore the customs and cultures of societies that in some cases have remained unchanged in centuries.


If hot weather is essential on your cruise holiday then a trip to this tropical part of the world will not disappoint and when you’re not exploring the fascinating sights that are on offer then there is no shortage of tropical paradises to enjoy the sun. When you’re not soaking up some rays aboard the ship,  you’ll find that the beautiful beaches of Langkawi in Malaysia and the perfect white sands of the beaches at Nha Treng in Vietnam are truly heaven for anyone looking to enjoy that glorious sunshine on-board a Far Eastern cruise holiday.

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