As a holiday destination, Europe is more popular than ever as it lets you explore past eras and empires, as well as offering some stunning modern day wonders. You get to choose between enjoying the sunshine and laid-back atmosphere on an Iberian cruise or exploring deep into history and culture at ports such as St Petersburg and Athens.

With the added option of a cruise and stay holiday you can see as much or as little as you wish and with many European cruises departing from the UK, they’re too easy not to try. Whether you’re a first time cruiser and looking to try a taster, Mediterranean or British Isles cruise or if you’re looking for something a little different on a Baltic or Norwegian Fjords holiday you’re almost certain to experience European charm, variety and relaxation in abundance.

One European cruise is not enough!

With so much diversity in such a small space, there’s no better way to take in as much as possible of this varied continent than by taking a European cruise holiday. How you spend your days depends on which cruise option you choose.

An Iberian cruise is a dream-come true for the sun worshippers among us, there are some simply stunning beaches across both Spain and Portugal in ports such as Alicante, Vigo and Palma as well as vibrant cities like Lisbon and Barcelona. This along with some fascinating historical and architectural landmarks means that Iberian cruises blend hot weather and Mediterranean culture perfectly to offer an excellent introduction to cruising.
There are a number of ports to choose from across the Mediterranean and mainland Europe, each offering you a different mood and plenty to see. Why not try exploring the beautiful and romantic canals of Venice or discovering the epic churches in Rome? Perhaps you’d prefer the charming yet relaxing ports along Holland and Belgium, with so many fascinating ports of call to choose from you may find that one European cruise just isn’t enough!

Europe cruise hotspots

Greece is one of the most popular cruise hotspots in the Mediterranean and home to some of the oldest architectural masterpieces in the world. The main port of call is Athens and as well as being soaked in historical landmarks, you’re invited to enjoy its spectacular scenery and vibrant lifestyle as well.

European cruises can be so much more than just the Med as well and for those of you looking for something a little different, but no less magical from your cruise holiday, then a Baltic or Norwegian Fjords cruise is surely the way to go. Cruising through the Baltic States is growing in popularity and you’ll soon see why when you visit historical St Petersburg, vibrant Riga or the fairytale like capital of Estonia, Talinn.

Step aboard a cruise heading for Norway and be prepared to be blown away by magnificent fjords, steep and craggy mountains and peaceful islands. Almost every town along a Norwegian Fjords cruise is a working fishing town full of warm and welcoming locals and in the summer, the sun barely sets creating a lively ambiance way into the night. However no Norwegian Fjords cruise would be complete without a journey further north for the once in a lifetime opportunity to see some arctic wildlife in their natural habitat.

Activities & excursions

From sampling some of Europe’s finest cheeses in Holland, to marvelling at polar bears in Norway, to soaking up some sun and checking out the designer boutiques in Lisbon, Europe will offer you so many ways to pass time during your cruise holiday, the only decision you have to make is which one would make your holiday most special.

If you’re looking for a romantic peaceful getaway then taking a gondola ride across Venice’s charming canals is simply perfect. Whilst in Italy, you could also pay a visit to Rome where there are so many historical and artistic wonders to see, the Panthenon, Spanish Steps and the epic Colosseum to name but three.

Like Rome many of the other destinations that you find yourself visiting will be just filled with historical landmarks. Greece is no exception and offers plenty of ancient gems to marvel at including the Acropolis, the Theatre of Dionysos and the breath-taking Temple of Olympian Zeus. You can also take a cable car ride to the top of Mt Santorini for some magnificent views of this fascinating city.

Similarly Russia also offers a wealth of history as well as a diverse yet traditional culture. St Petersburg is steeped in history and a must visit for anyone opting for a Baltic cruise. St Isaac’s Cathedral, Catherine Palace and the Hermitage are all extremely popular places to visit in this attractive city that’s packed full of grand squares and majestic palaces.

Spain and Portugal naturally have tons of superb beaches for you to relax on and enjoy the weather, however Iberian cruises also offer you so much more including opportunities to take in the Gothic Cathedrals of Barcelona, hang out at the trendy boutiques and cool cafes of Lisbon or visit the fantastic Guggenheim museum at the often overlooked port of Bilbao.

Cruising in Norway offers breathtaking scenery, rich history and fantastic shopping, however it is probably the one-of-a-kind chance to head further north and see the outstanding Land of the Midnight Sun as well as some arctic wildlife that is most exciting.


Visit Europe and submerge yourself in so many different cultures in such a small area. From the cosmopolitan cities of Rome and Lisbon to the fascinating fishing towns of Norway’s fjordlands, there are so many customs and nations to explore. Whilst many regions in Europe such as the multicultural ports of Barcelona have a fantastic blend of societies and ethnicities, others such as the Russian port of St Petersburg offer a glimpse of bygone empires and traditional customs. One thing is for sure, with so much cultural diversity on offer, the only way to see as much as possible is by cruise.


If you’re looking for a hot summer break away then a cruise around southern Europe is ideal and when you’re not enjoying the glorious weather aboard the cruise on the sun deck then you can savour the sunshine on a whole host of beaches across Spain, Portugal and Greece. For cooler climbs, head further north and take a cruise around the Baltic or the Norway’s fjordlands where in summer, it may not be blistering hot, but you’ll be treated to almost 24 hour daylight.

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