Dubai / Emirates

If you're looking for a little winter sunshine then you can simply look no further than a cruise to Dubai and the Middle East, there is truly something for everyone here and with an easy route from the Mediterranean it's an excellent option for first-time cruisers. Taking a cruise to Dubai and the Middle East will open your eyes to a whole new world of stunning contrasts.

Dubai is an epic centre for world business, home to some of the sporting world's most prestigious events and is fast becoming one of the most popular holiday retreats in the world. It also offers a whole host of wonders to visit and ample opportunity to soak up some of the fabulous weather.

After visiting the magical city that is Dubai, many Middle East cruises will head to other fascinating ports of call such as the more traditional city of Muscat in Oman or the desert covered cities of Al Fujairah and Abu Dhabi. There simply is so much more to this cruise holiday than you'd ever expect.

The Pearl of the Gulf

The United Arab Emirates is known to many as the Pearl of the Gulf and one of the continent's most stunning destinations. It's capital city Dubai is quite simply a joy to behold and with a unique blend of sparkling modern architecture and more traditional architecture it offers an outstanding (and sometimes outrageous) contrast of cultures. Whether you're looking for a cruise holiday that's filled with time for rest and relaxation or whether you're looking to shop, sightsee and explore, Dubai has it all.

Step off your cruise into Dubai and you'll be walking into one of the most exclusive cities in the world with exceptional shopping centres and elite boutiques. Also consistently high temperatures all year round mean that you can enjoy the sunshine whenever you want either by the pool or on one of Dubai's stunning beaches and don't forget that this city is home to Palm Jumeirah and the Burg Al Arab so there's plenty to see as well.

Similarly on arrival in the city of Abu Dhabi, the luxury continues as you'll be able to enjoy a friendly and hospitable welcome in a city that offers an exceptional balance of sophistication and Arab charm. As well as living life in the lap luxury you'll be able to get out into the desert for a real Bedouin style adventure.

Many of the Middle Eastern cruise options will also give you an opportunity to explore other ports such as the more modern and liberal Persian Gulf country of Bahrain which has a laid-back atmosphere more familiar to some European cities or alternatively the city of Al Fujairah that will give you a chance to explore some impressive desert, mountain and coastal landscapes.

If you're craving something completely different from your Middle Eastern cruise then why not take a trip to Oman and its magnificent capital Muscat. Taking a shore excursion here will give you an insight into a more traditional and mystical Middle East, revealing palaces, monuments, forts and lost cities.

Tours and activities to suit all moods and tastes

From soaking up some of the glorious sunshine on one of Dubai's magnificent beaches, to enjoying a coffee at one of Bahrain's laid-back cafes, to marvelling at the Zawawi Mosque in Muscat, to camel racing in the desert at Al Fujairah, there certainly isn't any lack of things to do on a Middle Eastern cruise. The only decision you'll have to make is exactly how you wish to enjoy your cruise holiday.

When visiting Dubai you'll find that there are a wide range of tours to suit all moods and tastes. Maybe you fancy taking a tour around the main hub of the city where there will be plenty to see and do with so many mosques, upmarket shopping malls and luxury hotels. Once you've taken in all that Dubai City has to offer then why not try a fascinating boat trip to the fabulous Palm Islands or a thrilling 4x4 dune safari through the desert?
The city of Al Fujairah offers a totally different port of call. Here you can take a trek to the simply breathtaking Al Warayah Waterfalls which is not to be missed.

There's a vast array of other natural wonders to marvel at with plenty of sun soaked beaches, colossal mountains and mesmeric deserts. For an entirely different on-shore experience, the port of Muscat will provide a totally unique destination. From the moment that you arrive in the capital of Oman you'll be greeted by three forts that sit above the city and offer some truly compelling panoramic views.

Elsewhere in Oman, you'll be able to visit Salalah for its fascinating lost city of Ubar, as well as natural beauty and colourful heritage in abundance.
As well as these fabulous destinations, you'll be treated to a whole host of excellent excursions at other destinations such as Bahrain, where you can indulge in a little culture and enjoy some fascinating places to visit like the Al Fateh Mosque, the largest in the country.


By taking a cruise to the Middle East you'll be exposing yourself to a unique blend of cultures. Five star luxury across the board is something you'd come to expect when visiting ports such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but what makes this journey so special is the opportunity to immerse yourself in Bedouin culture. With so many mosques, museums and traditional Souk's to visit, you'll find that there's a rich history in this part of the world steeping with religious heritage and tradition.


Book a cruise to Dubai and the Middle East and be prepared for some soaring temperatures. Consistently hot weather means that soaking up some sunshine either by the pool or by the beach is ideal. It's also makes winter cruising in this part of the world an excellent choice for escaping that British winter weather.

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