Take a different look at holidays in Caribbean with a cruise; yes you can enjoy the sun, sea and sand but there is plenty more to get excited about with lush green valleys and postcard ready mountainous backdrops.

Although you’ll be hard pushed to find a more mesmerising destination for pristine beaches, clear shores ideal for snorkelling and excellent diving opportunities around the islands’ reef, cruises to the Caribbean offer a lot more than suntans and swimming. There are so many fascinating places for you to visit, each island with its own colourful history.

Enjoy the local run punch and adopt the locals’ “seriously easy-going” attitude, after all what do you have to worry about when the sun’s shining, the food’s so good and everyone is so welcoming on your Caribbean holiday? Whether you are a sports fanatic, water-baby or sun-worshipper a Caribbean cruise rivals no other holiday for fun in the sun.

Southern Caribbean is an area that takes many islands including Aruba and Antigua both of which are famous for their stunning white sand beaches and local charm. Dominica and Grenada also feature here with the unique secluded coves and spice markets. For exotic rainforest scenery, botanical gardens and volcano scenery then St Lucia Guadeloupe have some amazing experiences on offer.

Traditional ports and ancient civilisations

The traditional ports for western Caribbean include Belize, home to ancient Mayan civilisations and the famous seven-mile beach at Grand Cayman not forgetting the favourite Jamaica. Here you can visit Ocho Rios and Montego Bay depending on your cruise line.

The eastern Caribbean is where you will find the British and American Virgin Islands, including St Thomas that is volcanic and cloaked in green forest. On an eastern Caribbean cruise you may also visit Puerto Rico and not to mention the Bahamas.
With a wonderful blend of natural and man-made attractions across different islands you can enjoy something new everyday and embrace the diversity of this region.

Activities & excursions

Why not explore the 17th-century British colonial forts of Jamaica, or soak up the buzzing atmosphere in a Cuban street parade, the Dominican Republic is a fantastic spot for the adrenalin junkie where you can get whisked off through the white water rapids in the mountains. For a more serene day trip you can always step way back in time and savour the spectacular ruins of the Mayan sites and the lost city at Chichen Itza.

If all that sounds a bit too much like hard work, you could always live up to expectation on your cruise holiday in the Caribbean and spend your day excursions on the beach, whiling away time with your toes dipped into the shallow turquoise waters. You could always get out the driving seat and enjoy a Jeep safari through the lush tropical rainforest in St. Lucia or swim with stingrays in Grand Cayman.


More than crystal clear waters, and white sands there are a wealth of historical and cultural attractions in the Caribbean, King’s Wharf in Bermuda there are a number of museums and arts and craft centres in the Royal Navy Dockyard. Jamaica has 17th century forts to explore while there is more to explore at Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua, Brimstone Hill Fortress in St. Kitts, as this group of islands were fought over for many years.


While weather patterns vary from island to island in the Caribbean the one thing that is consistent is the temperature, almost always moderate there is very little variation. While the region enjoys a varied climate it is rarely hit by weather extremes, the best time to visit is during winter. This is when the islands boast very warm, sunny days and there is very little rainfall apart from the morning or late afternoon when you could see the occasional shower.

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