Cruising in the Canary Islands allows you to experience the perfect way to escape without heading too far from the UK. You are invited to explore a choice of 13 volcanic islands and marvel at the dramatic surroundings and some simply stunning beaches whilst basking in the sun that doesn’t stop shining all year round.

Cruises in the Canary Islands are the ideal way to get around this exotic part of the world and allow you to see as many of these glorious islands as possible, even those parts that are off the beaten track. Whether you find yourself in exciting Tenerife, laid-back Lanzarote or bustling Agadir you’ll see that on-board a Canary Island cruise, every port you visit offers something different.

During your holiday you’ll no doubt visit the varied and always popular Tenerife, the most well known island of the Canaries and is instantly made recognisable by the impressive Mount Teide, Spain’s tallest mountain. There are a range of resorts on this island, some are vibrant and fun yet others are ideal for a little rest and recuperation. Add this to a whole host of activities ranging from water parks to hiking opportunities it’s an essential port of call for families.

On-board your Canary Island cruise you’ll no doubt discover that each port that you visit has a diverse atmosphere and environment. Lanzarote is home to many wonderful sights such as picturesque beaches and quaint native towns whereas if you visit Gran Canaria, you’ll be welcomed with open arms onto an extremely friendly island that buzzes with life, nowhere more so than in its capital Las Palmas.

The Portugeuse island of Madeira is another fascinating port of call especially for nature lovers. It’s nicknamed the Pearl of the Ocean and offers some truly breathtaking scenery surrounded by lush greenery, banana plantations and vast vineyards.

For something a little different, the bustling ports of Agadir and Casablanca are bursting with excitement and offer a taste of Arabic culture. Here grand modern architecture blends with more traditional elements such as the fantastic Agadir Grand Souk market resulting in a fascinating and exciting place to visit that’s not to be missed.

Activities & excursions

To make this fantastic family cruise holiday complete, there is no shortage of excellent activities for everyone to enjoy. Tenerife is no exception to this rule and with a range of both relaxing and vibrant resorts on the island it’s not difficult to see why Tenerife is such a popular holiday destination. The choice is yours as to whether you’ll hike your way up the impressive Mount Teide, splash around with the family at the fun water park, check out some of the exclusive designer boutiques in Santa Cruz or just lay back and enjoy the sun on one of Tenerife’s sandy beaches.

There are so many opportunities to relax and unwind aboard a Canary Island cruise. Gran Canaria is primarily a family island with many fun activities such as exciting submarine diving not to mention a fantastic water park that’s not to be missed. However Gran Canaria also offers some truly stunning golden beaches where you can bask in year round sunshine and arguably the most renowned of these are the superb beaches at Maspalomas where you can explore more than 600 acres of sand dunes.

Similarly with some quaint and beautiful parts, there are plenty of places to relax in Lanzarote. Just make sure you don’t get too comfortable as there are some interesting activities available such as camel rides around one of the Canary Islands many extinct volcanoes or an opportunity to delve deep into some of Lanzarote’s underground lakes and caves.

Whilst visiting the attractive port of Madeira you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing somewhere to visit. It’s laid-back and picturesque capital Funchal is filled with fine beaches for sunbathing and beautiful gardens for a stroll. The ‘Levada’ walks are a must try for those who fancy something a little more exerting and are an excellent way to explore this wonderful island.


Canary Island cruises are naturally aimed towards families and young couples however you’ll be pleasantly surprised at some of the opportunities on offer if you’re looking for a little cultural stimulation. The Christopher Columbus Museum in the Veguetta district of Gran Canaria offers a fascinating distraction on what is one of the more lively islands in the Canaries whereas the impressive Timanfaya National Park is an ideal way to check out some of the natural wonders of Lanzarote.

To sample a flavour of Eastern culture without travelling too far off the beaten track then you must visit either Agadir or Casablanca, two fascinating and vibrant Moroccan ports that are perfect for picking up mouth-watering herbs and spices as well as a few souvenirs for those back at home.


Wherever you choose to visit aboard your Canary Island cruise you can be almost certain of one thing, glorious weather. The year round sunshine and close proximity to the UK are the two main reasons why Canary Island cruises are so popular with British holidaymakers. You’ll also find that with an enormous choice of fantastic beaches to choose from that there is no better place to enjoy the sun than on a Canary Island cruise.

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