Cruise to the Baltic States to experience the charm of Copenhagen to the imperialist roots of St Petersburg. This region has some of the most cultured and refined cities in Europe. Fly and cruise from Copenhagen or choose from the many that simply set sail straight from the UK.

This part of the world is famed for it’s stunning architecture including, magnificent palaces, fascinating museums and art galleries as well as some captivating landscapes.

Copenhagen is the delightful capital city of Denmark the first port of call when sailing from the UK. Danish Author Hans Christian Anderson is the father of The Little Mermaid - the statue, situated on Copenhagen's waterfront, is a national landmark and synonymous with the city and one of the most photographed statues in the world. An extremely attractive compact city, Copenhagen is easy for getting around and for exploring on foot.

Gothenburg is the largest harbour in Scandinavia It is an easygoing beautiful, canal sided city, the second largest in Sweden and has an urban and metropolitan feel, with plenty of hip bars, cafés and clubs lining the streets.. There are guided bus tours of Gothenburg daily from June to August. Departing from Stora Teatern they cover most of Gothenburg's places of interest.

Stockholm the ‘green and blue’ capital city built on fourteen islands and extensive parks. Gamla Stan, Stockholm's oldest attraction is one of the best preserved medieval city centres in the world. Walk through the small winding streets lined with stores full of handicrafts, antiques and art galleries, and stop at a cozy café.

Helsinki’s identity has been formed by cultural influences from both the East and the west. Over 450 years of history, several architectural layers and the impact of different periods can be clearly seen in Helsinki. Finnish design has also made the country’s capital city world famous. The city centre has many beautiful parks, and the nearby forests offer an ideal setting for peaceful and quiet walks.  The Finnish port and capital is a pocketsize metropolis everything is nearby for the visitor.  

Tallinn –Estonia as a destination for cruise visitors, Tallinn has a lot going for it – its medieval charm, high-quality shops and restaurants, and English-speaking population. The city is big enough and interesting enough to explore for days, but also small and compact enough to give you the full Tallinn experience in just a few hours. Tallinn boasts one of Europe’s best preserved medieval fortifications the system of walls and towers give it a fairytale charm. Picturesque Town Hall Square has been the undisputed hub of Old Town for the last eight centuries. Surrounded by elaborate merchant houses and, in summer, packed with café tables, it's a natural magnet for tourists. Historically it served as a market and meeting place, and was the site of at least one execution.

Riga – Latvia this hanseatic city is the largest in the Baltic States and is more than 800 years old a blend of a medieval centre and a modern city, as many of its earlier buildings were destroyed in the wars. However the historic ‘Old Riga’ is truly a masterpiece of architecture and antiquity and is a UNESCO world Heritage with gems such as the 13th Century Dome Cathedral, the oldest residential buildings the ‘Three Brothers’ and the ‘House of the Blackheads’ Riga has a diverse music and arts tradition with world class Opera and a stunning Opera House. A visit is not complete without sampling a small glass of the local Black Balsam Liqueur.

St Petersburg, the former capital city of Russia is a city of palaces and museums, broad avenues and winding canals, St. Petersburg's short history has endowed the city with a wealth of architectural and artistic treasures. In addition to the world-famous attractions such as the State Hermitage, St. Isaac's Cathedral and the Mariinsky Theatre, the city has scores of lesser known but equally fascinating sights that reveal both the pomp and extravagance of St. Petersburg's political and Imperial past, and also the mysterious, tragic genius that has touched so many of the city's great artists and writers. Russia's cultural capital, St. Petersburg reflects the country's extraordinary fate like no other city, its unique atmosphere exerts a powerful grip on the visitor.

Additional information St.Petersburg Always have identification. It is advisable to carry photocopies of your passport and visa, showing that they have been registered. Frequent random checks by police take place, more usually on men. Besides passport and visa are required to change money, and to buy train tickets, in miscellaneous other situations.

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