Africa is such a diverse continent that every stop on your African cruise is guaranteed to be a wildly different experience than the last. From the mystique of North African destinations like Morocco, where you’ll find snake charmers, spice merchants and jewellers, to the ‘big-five’ safari trips offered by South Africa, each day offers an unforgettable new experience.

Each country on this vast continent offers its own amazing array of natural and man-made wonders.

Meanwhile if you like to haggle, you’ll find some of the best negotiators in the world in the markets of North Africa, where local traders offer up everything from clothes and jewellery to pottery and electronics. In the blazing heat of Africa, you’ll explore mountains, rivers and vast deserts but you’ll never forget your time here thanks to the amount of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that African cruise holidays bring.

Tick off your bucket list on an African cruise Whatever your destination, African cruises are an amazing opportunity to tick off those ‘things to do before you die’ ambitions. Egypt is a sightseer’s dream with awe-inspiring sights such as the ancient pyramids and the pharaoh’s tomb, plus various majestic palaces, Muslim mosques and bustling bazaars, where haggling is the order of the day as everyone looks for a bargain. Tanzania is the home of the untamed Serengeti, one of the wildest locations on earth where visitors regularly witness scenes only familiar from wildlife documentaries.

In Zimbabwe the magnificent Victoria Falls is often visited from a tourist base in neighbouring Zambia, while Madagascar is a feast of natural wonder with a palpable French influence, with cafes and bistros in urban areas and a variety of tropical plants and flowers and beautiful wildlife to be seen around ports such as Reunion Island.

Lesser-known countries around Africa offer their unique appeal, such as Namibia where Walvis Bay is one of the most attractive ports any African cruise can offer. Natural attractions like the tranquil lagoons are home to dolphins and seals, while exotic birds including flamingos also call Walvis Bay hope. Visitors can also take part in sandboarding, fishing, golf and other outdoor pursuits.

If your ship docks in the remote port of St Helena, you’ll find not only stunning scenery but also some great places to visit including the oldest Anglican church in the southern hemisphere, a reminder of the colonial days of British Empire rule. Jamestown’s Jacob’s Ladder reaches 180-metres high and towers over the Jamestown Museum at its foot, while other historical buildings include Napoleon’s first tomb.

South Africa is home to several fantastic ports and is one of the most popular African cruise countries thanks to the volume of things to see and do. Cosmopolitan cities like Durban offer a range of outdoor sports, activities and entertainment, while Cape Town is affectionately known as ‘The Garden City’ thanks to the beautiful natural landscape and ornamental gardens strewn across the city.

Activities & excursions

Cruise holidays in Africa offer a little more than your average cruise ship experience. Forget guided tours around dusty old buildings, instead you won’t want to blink thanks to the jaw-dropping surroundings that greet you.
Arrive in Egypt and sail down the 120-mile Suez Canal from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, not forgetting to marvel at the astounding ancient pyramids and the majestic sphinx. Popular South African towns and cities include Port Elizabeth with its stunning beaches and the urban indulgence of Cape Town – and if you get the chance to experience a day’s safari you’ll see some of the most amazing sights the natural world has to offer, from mighty rhinos and prowling lions to wallowing hippos and the occasional leopard.

Head for Morocco and cosmopolitan cities such as Casablanca, where the Art Deco-style architecture and customary markets offer a reminder of the traditions of the city. Elsewhere in Morocco the walls of Taroudant open to welcome you to a city steeped in history – just make sure the camera batteries are fully charged.
Kenya is also famous for its safari ventures, but the beautiful white beaches of Mombasa will tempt those looking for a more relaxing stay. Sightseers will be unable to resist the awesome Great Rift Valley, where some of the most impressive views anywhere on earth can be seen.

Senegal is another popular destination, with regular excursions to the likes of Dakar, where tourists can browse the major local markets, or take in attractions including the Dakar Grand Mosque and the African Renaissance Monument or visit World Heritage site Goree Island, one of the most popular attractions in Senegal’s largest city.


Africa’s cultural identity is a mixture of deep-rooted tradition and modern commercial influence. The marketplaces and mosques are timeless reminders of a bygone age, while the beaches and nightclubs are pure 21st century business locations with tourism the central focus. Travel further into Africa however and tribal communities and wild animals including buffalo, lions and rhinos remind visitors that Africa is a raw, natural landscape.

African traditions run deep and its people are proud of their heritage and only too pleased to introduce visitors to their way of life. From adventures on safari to Dhow boat rides, your African hosts will happily introduce you to their remarkable way of life.


Quite simply, Africa is hot. Durban in South Africa boasts around 200 sunny days a year in a sub-tropical climate that is perfect for the tan-conscious passenger. In North Africa, the climate varies from Mediterranean weather in countries like Morocco to the extreme heat of the Sahara. Arrive in Egypt and the heat can be stifling, not only thanks to the sun but also the hot winds that blow across the country, although the temperature cools to a pleasant level at night and the Eastern coast of Madagascar has the climate of a tropical rainforest, so a refreshing shower may be on the cards during your visit

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